Frequently Asked Questions

How to obtain access to additional fares such as the Flexi and Flexi Plus

Our standard fares for Credit Agents and Commission Agents are our H-On Account and Y-Everyday fares respectively. To gain access to our  additional fares you must send a formal request to your account representative who will make the fares available to your agency account. Please read our fare rules and restrictions.

Can we add more users to our account?

Yes, you can follow the procedures available on the “Additional Users PDF Guide” or contact your account representative to assist.

Can I sell tours like the Blue Hole?

Yes, Tropic Air has made the Blue Hole Tour available for booking via your agency account. Please note that all tours must be paid upon booking to avoid auto cancellation.

Who should I contact if I am unable to create a reservation due to account issues?

If you are having issues with your account please contact your account representative via email and provide a screenshot of the error(s) that you are receiving and send your booking information to our reservations team at to ensure that you confirm your seats.

Do Agent accounts receive mileage accrual?

No, tickets purchased via agent accounts are not eligible for mileage accrual.

Why do my reservations get cancelled?

Reservations that are booked on your agreed fare will not be cancelled, reservations that are made under our getaway fares or tours will be auto cancelled after two hours if payment is not made within that time frame.

What are my customers’ baggage allowances?

Please refer to our baggage policy for baggage allowances.
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