Types of Agents


Discount Agents receive a password and username to book tickets at a 10% discounted rate and then pay online with a credit card.


(applicable if you’re located in Belize or the US)
Commission Agents receive a username and password to book tickets for your clients, at check in, they can pay for their ticket and at the end of every month you receive 10% commission for each flown ticket (tickets must be booked online in order to receive the commission). We usually start off with 10% and then based on increased bookings we can increase that percentage.


(subject to approval)
Credit Account Agents receive a username and password to book tickets online. We will assign a credit limit on your account where you can make charges for passenger service and freight and receive a 10% discount. You will be billed every 15th and ending of the month for charges to the account. In addition, for the credit account, we require the following documents for approval:

  • Copy of the Belize document of incorporation.
  • Copy of your updated annual return.
  • Letter of introduction (please include what the account will be used for, background info on the company, and if payment type (if by purchase orders please include the names of those authorized).
  • Guarantee may be required.